Generated Skin

Scalpel blade run patterns scatter across red eyes

Paper cut fun fairies swirling around forbidden lies

Wings of a Butterfly,

torn me to pieces as I cry

don’t die, let let me dive

merely across that tanline

then brew me into wine

Generated Skin,

Born in the realms of pain

Tame me, just just drain me

Existing to remind them of their history

mystery, misery

Persuade me you weren’t a dream

Gaze through those patriotic gleam

Liquid Rocks,

Bury the exotic fantasies

birthmark, foreign shocks

I must have forgotten, make it stop

Tick-tock, Click Click-Clock

They can tell where you belong

Silence your beating heart

Rib Bones,

Make a fracture and listen

Dead tone, Live Lifeless clone

Gentle twist blows bubble foam

Until I find memories back home

Brittle hair keeps stabbing eyelash knitting white yarn

Whale song weeps sinking sound fading forever dawn

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