Generated Skin

Scalpel scattered patterns across my eyes

Paper Plane swirling for forbidden lies

Wings of a Butterfly,

torn me to pieces and so I cried

don’t die; let me dive

surf beyond that tanline

then brew me into wine

Generated Skin,

Born with a swapping bleed

Tame me, drain me

Remind me of their history

mystery, misery

Persuade me you weren’t a dream

 A dream without a patriotic gleam

Liquid Rocks,

Bury the exotic fantasies

birthmarks, foreign shocks

It was forgotten; make it stop

Tick-tock, Click-Clock

They can tell where you belong

Must silence your beating songs

Rib Bones,

Make a fracture and listen

Dead tone, Lifeless clone

Gentle twist with a bubble foam

There’s no way back to where we’re from

Brittle blinks backstabbed knitting yarn

Weeping whale wonders forever in the dawn

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