Poppu Go Chess (Red Dot Award – Best of the Best 2021)

Poppu is a portable and tactile paper-based Go chess game. A single sheet of paper replaces both the traditional game board and Go stones. Its design enhances the tactile experience of Go Chess by distinguishing between the die-cut textures of black and white stones, making it accessible to people who are blind or have vision loss.

The textured ‘game pieces’ were inspired by Kirigami art and created with die-cut and letterpress. Poppu aims to give players an alternative Go experience that is fun, easy, and relaxing. Since it is so lightweight, Poppu can be carried anywhere for a game of Go and easily mailed around the world.

Poppu Go Chess was awarded Red Dot Award Design Concept 2021 – Best of the Best. Mentioned Press: Yanko Design, MP Weekly.

Team Members

🔴 Maker – Kara Wong

🔴 Design for Manufacturing – Ruby Mak

🔴 Researcher – Rose Wei

🔴 Art Director – Ka Wing Kavieng Cheng

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